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Our Business is People - Our People Have Said:

“Every week I would tell myself I wasn’t going to spend my whole paycheck at the casino. Every week I would lose all of it. Why couldn’t I hang on to some of my money?  At the Gambler’s Anonymous meetings they kept telling to give up control of my money so I wouldn’t have my money available to throw away by gambling. I didn’t know who I could trust with my money. I don’t have family members that live near me to help me. Someone suggested a payee, but all the payees on-line were for people who get social security or disability payments. I have a job with a regular paycheck so I couldn’t use those payee companies. Then someone told me about A&G Business Services, a company that offers payee services for people like me that have jobs and regular paychecks. I called them the next day and signed up with them later that same week. I felt like the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I stopped worrying about spending all my money at the casino. The balances on bills go down instead of up up up from late fees and over the limit fees. My paychecks are used to pay bills and not to cover bad checks written at the casino. Even better, I haven’t gambled since doing this and that feels so good.”   ~ TP, Red Wing, MN ~  

"Financial pressures have been relieved and my "drug" is out of my hands for the time being. I can now concentrate on my recovery. I believe this may have saved my life."    ~ MD, Minnesota ~

“It used to be ** have money, will gamble **. When I needed something like groceries or gas I had to beg, borrow or steal. My gambling was out of control. I was going to end up in prison or worse - dead. My parents suggested I call this company to help manage my money. Without money so readily available they reasoned I couldn’t gamble. I hated it at first. Then I got to like it. Thank you Mom and Dad. Thank you A&G Business Services.”  ~ DeDe, Owatonna MN

“I couldn’t manage my money – ever. I even tried having my brother manage it for me. He gave up on trying managing my money after I conned him once again into letting me spend my money on a big screen TV that I did not need nor could I afford. I tried to manage my money on my own again. I ended up calling him to dig me out of yet another financial hole. He said he couldn’t help me anymore. My brother hated me and I hated myself. One day I received a note from him in the mail that had the business card for A&G Business Services, LLC. He said he would help me one last time if I signed up for their payee services. I was hesitant to call them; I didn’t want strangers knowing my problems. When I set up an appointment, it was just to “meet” with them. I still wasn’t convinced this is who or what I needed. The woman I met with was professional and easy to talk to. She didn’t ask me how I got into financial trouble and did not judge me. She went through their services and fees and I liked what I saw. I did need them. They have set up payment plans with some of my creditors and pay my bills on time. Every week I get money on my debit card to cover my personal expenses. At first I felt like an 11 year old getting a weekly “allowance”. Now I get excited when I actually have a few bucks left on the card at the end of the week.  For the first time in my life I am acting responsible where money is concerned. I don’t impulse buy nearly as much. What a God send the people at A&G Business Services, LLC are."    ~ Eric C., Mpls, MN ~      
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